National Cerebral and Cardiovascular


Open Innovation Center



Director Hatsue Ishibashi-Ueda
Deputy director Yoshihiro Miyamoto
Laboratory chief Tsutomu Tomita, Michio Noguchi , Kuniko Aizawa
Staff scientist Hironori Hanada, Eiji Sakamoto, Ayako Takahashi
System engineer Kinya Ootana
Assistant fellow Sawako Moriwaki, Miwa Mori, Mitsuhi Hirata

Research Focus

NCVC Biobank, a non-profit project to collect human biosamples and related health data, greatly appreciates contribution of more than 17,000 patients (up to July 2019) since our establishment in 2011.
We preserve blood, tissues and other biospecimens derived from our patients suffering from cerebral and cardiovascular diseases with detailed medical datasets such as medical history, medication and laboratory data while protecting anonymity.
We are also a member of National Center Biobank Network (NCBN) in Japan.

last updated:2021/09/27

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