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History of the NCVC

Solid steps taken by NCVC to control cerebral and cardiovascular diseases


1977 Dr. Tsuneo Yoshida installed as the first president
National Cardiovascular Center inauguration ceremony held
Hospital and Research Institute operations began, three general wards and ICU opened
One special ward (Coronary Care Unit (CCU)) opened
1978 Residency system began
Six general wards and two special wards (Infants' and Stroke Care Unit (SCU)) opened
1979 Two general wards and one special ward (Neurosurgical Care Unit (NCU)) opened


1980 One general ward opened
1981 Library construction completed
1982 A special ward for perinatal care opened
1983 Dr. Hisao Manabe installed as the second president
1986 The National Cardiovascular Center was designated as a WHO Collaborating Center for Research and Training
Construction of the Research Institute annex completed
1987 Department of Pharmacy established in the Hospital
Tenth anniversary ceremony


1990 Construction of the radioisotope ward completed
Dr. Teruo Omae installed as the third president
1992 Construction of the rehabilitation ward completed
1993 The National Cardiovascular Center was approved as an advanced treatment hospital
1995 Dr. Yasunaru Kawashima installed as the fourth president
1996 Nationwide network offering integrated medical support for cerebral and cardiovascular diseases (JUN Net)
Dr. Haruhiko Kikuchi installed as the fifth president
1997 Heart Transplant Office established
Twentieth anniversary ceremony held
1998 Organ and Tissue Donation Task Office established
1999 Division of Clinical Trial Management established


2000 Construction of the biotechnology ward completed
Dr. Takenori Yamaguchi installed as the sixth president
2001 Severe heart failure/transplantation ward opened
Dr. Soichiro Kitamura installed as the seventh president
2002 Construction of the gamma knife ward completed
2004 Advanced Medical Engineering Center opened
2005 Clinical Research Center opened
2006 Ten-year Strategy for Conquering Cerebral and Cardiovascular Diseases formulated
2007 Thirtieth anniversary ceremony held
2008 Dr. Nobuo Hashimoto installed as the eighth president
2009 Cell Processing Center established


2010 Reorganized as an institution with an independent administration
Dr. Nobuo Hashimoto inaugurated as first president of the new entity
Research and Development Initiative Center opened
Clean room for infant transplantation completed
New Cardiovascular Care Unit (CCU) opened
2011 Hybrid operation room system introduced
The NCVC was designated as an Early and Exploratory Clinical Trials Facility
A childcare facility was established
Medical care cluster ward opened
BioBank established
2012 Electronic medical record system introduced
"Doctor Car"ambulance system introduced
NCVC's Healthy Low-salt Cookbook published
2013 Relocation to former Suita Marshalling Yard site announced
2014 Handover of relocation site completed
Center for Cerebral and Cardiovascular Disease Information opened
Medical Care Cluster Formation Council established
2015 NCVC comes under National Research and Development Agency
Omics Research Center opened
Second Conference on the Medical Care Cluster Formation Council held
2016 Dr. Hisao Ogawa takes charge as the second president
2017 The 40th Anniversary ceremony held
2018 NCVC certified as Asia's first and world's 9th central facility for implantable artificial heart (VAD) treatment
The Northern Osaka earthquake occurred
The Basic Act on Stroke and Heart Disease enacted for increasing healthy life expectancy
2019 Open Innovation Center (OIC) established
NCVC moved to Kishibe-Shimmachi, Suita


2020 Health Support Center established
Emergency Department established

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