National Cerebral and Cardiovascular


About NCVC



The NCVC is one of the innovative medical institutions in the world, providing advanced treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disorders. It is the only national center for advanced and specialized medical care and research in Japan that focuses on cerebral and cardiovascular diseases.

Research Institute

The most distinctive feature of the NCVC Research Institute is its ability to address the real issues facing clinicians and disseminate research findings back to clinicians. We are actively pursuing R&D and the clinical application of its results jointly with the hospital.


The intellectual assets, resources, and data that we have accumulated until now will all be used for enhancing open innovation through collaboration with industry and academia. We have adopted unique measures such as setting up the "Open Innovation Lab"as a joint research hub, and the "Science Cafe"as a space for interaction and information exchange among the staff.

last updated : 2021/09/30

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