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Open Innovation Center

Yoshihiro Miyamoto, Director, OIC

    Yoshihiro Miyamoto

Deputy Director,
Kenji Mihara

To realize next-generation medical care / healthcare, open innovation that utilizes resources spread around the world is becoming essential. In Japan, however, it is essential to establish a facility where knowledgeable people gather because the mobility of researchers is extremely low. Therefore, the new NCVC has established the Open Innovation Center (OIC) and a system where necessary knowledge is gathered and original resources are utilized.
Specifically, the Department of Industrial-Academic Collaboration has been newly established within OIC to strongly promote industrial-academic collaboration. In addition, Biobank, Department of Medical and Health Information Management, and Omics Research Center have been incorporated into OIC as R & D sites utilizing bioresources and clinical data. Training Center in the Department of Education Promotion with advanced treatment equipment for internal staff training can also be used by external researchers.
We have also established Open Innovation Laboratory (OIL) for joint research with companies and universities "under one roof". In addition, Science Cafe will offer activities such as seminars that promote the interaction between researchers. Through these activities, we would like to realize innovative medical care and medical technology through open innovation.


last updated : 2022/10/25

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