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Outline of the Department of Preventive Cardiology

The Preventive Cardiology Department has provided medical examinations and health guidance and has established a base for preventive medical care that responds to the new era. In addition to medical examinations in 2019, we launched health guidance and emphasized prevention. In 2020, the Preventive Cardiology Department was separated from the Division of Preventive Healthcare, and the medical examination and health guidance services were newly established. The primary medical services are health checkups and guidance associated with the specific medical checkup and longevity medical system. A medical examination ticket is required to receive a health checkup and health guidance, so please contact us if it can be handled at our center.

For Medical checkup

Date and time: Weekdays Monday to Thursday 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Inquiries: Telephone 06-6170-1070 (8:30-16:00: Please tell us the requirements for medical examination application, etc.)

For Health guidance Consultation

Date and time: Weekdays 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. (except Wednesdays)
Inquiries: Telephone: 06-6170-1070 (9:00-16:00: Please tell us the requirements such as health guidance application)
* If you are in a hurry, please contact us by phone instead of email.

The Suita Study is an ongoing cohort study for the medical examinees who have given their consent in the research. The necessary scientific basis for preventing cardiovascular disease in Japan has been provided and cited in many guidelines so far.

In addition, to return and implement the results of the Suita Study so far to the citizens, Suita City, Suita Medical Association, and our center will work on a joint project to prevent the heart failure of Suita citizens in October 2nd year of Reiwa. We have signed an agreement. There, the city as a whole began a city-wide effort as a "healthy city"cardiovascular disease prevention project to start a long-term follow-up study on the prognostic factors of heart failure while providing new health advice to the public. In addition, we will provide new health guidance called Lifelong Health Support 10 and promote non-drug intervention research with the cooperation of all participants. As these bases, the Health Examination Department is conducting new prevention and research that goes beyond the cutting edge of epidemiological research on cardiovascular disease. It is also an important task of this center to equalize and disseminate this know-how. In collaboration with Okinawa Prefecture, we will utilize the evidence and health guidance skills to prevent cardiovascular disease and work to promote the health promotion of Okinawans to spread research results domestically.
More than 30 years have passed since the Suita study, and as a new cohort study, we have launched the Suita Study NEXT, which targets the prevention of heart failure and dementia, which are organ insufficiencies. Prevention of organ dysfunction is crucial for extending healthy life expectancy in Japan, which has the highest aging rate globally, but there is little evidence at present. So far, we have provided evidence on the relationship between oral health disorders and cardiovascular disease. In addition to dentistry, prevention of multiple occupations is necessary to prevent organ dysfunction. All the staff are waiting for you to improve your health.

Facility Certification

  • Specific Health Checkup Organization
  • Specific health guidance organizations

New Projects

Conclusion of an agreement on measures to prevent severe heart failure for Suita city medical checkup patients - "Kento"cardiovascular disease prevention project -

Based on the research results so far, NT-proBNP tests are conducted at the time of medical examinations conducted in Suita City to provide new health guidance for preventing severe heart failure.

Concluded a memorandum of understanding to promote health promotion to extend the average life expectancy and healthy life expectancy of Okinawans and prevent early life.

Utilizing the evidence of cardiovascular disease prevention and health guidance skills established by the national circulation, we aim to extend the average life expectancy and healthy life expectancy of Okinawa Prefecture and prevent early life in cooperation with related organizations in the prefecture.

last updated : 2021/10/01

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