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Department of Cell Biology

Understanding the Development and Impairment of Circulatory System

We have tried to understand the molecular mechanisms by which the cardiovascular system (circulation) is established in zebrafish embryos and to decipher how circulatory system is worsening with age. Circulation is an essential system that precedes other organ development to deliver appropriate oxygen and nutrition. Once circulation is impaired, organs are less oxygenated and nourished, thereby being damaged reversibly or irreversibly. Genetic control for establishment of circulation and exposome that affects living creatures are conserved in the vertebrates and zebrafish. Therefore, by understanding the mechanisms underlying development and impairment with ageing, we investigate the general mechanism for rebuilding the circulation including angiogenesis and cardiogenesis and for preventing circulatory system from deterioration with age. Our basic method is simultaneous visualization of signal transduction as well as morphology of organs/tissues.

  • Unique approach using zebrafish (developing signal transduction-monitoring zebrafish)
  • Collaboration with pharmaceutical companies to develop new drugs for cardiovascular system and ageing

last updated : 2021/10/01

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