National Cerebral and Cardiovascular


Research Institute

Department of Preventive Medicine and Epidemiology



DirectorKunihiro Nishimura
Laboratory ChiefSoshiro Ogata
Staff ScientistEri Kiyoshige
Postdoctoral FellowShogo Watanabe
Kiyomasa Nakatsuka
Graduate StudentMondal Rajib



In our department, we aim to conduct epidemiological research using big data and information science research on artificial intelligence for CVD to accumulate knowledge that contributes to the improvement of healthy life expectancy. We are currently working on the following projects:
・Data mining by using natural language processing for electronic medical records with 98% accuracy (participating in projects for AI Hospital, supported by the Cabinet Office)
・Predicting outcomes for CVD by using machine learning and deep learning, and applying AI to diagnostic imaging of cerebral aneurysm over 95% accuracy
・Research using nationwide CVD database (500K to 1 million study, JROAD study, and All Japan Utstein Registry (published in Lancet)
・Development of the AI prediction model for heat stroke based on data for the 10 million population in the Kansai area (Environment Research and Technology Development Fund of the Ministry of the Environment) (published in Nature Communications and Heart)
・Development of monitoring technology for patients with dementia using AI-powered disaggregation technology with 85% accuracy (Funded by Tokyo Electric Power Company)
・Automated AI diagnostic systems for HCM and other congenital heart disease using 80K cases of Suita city elementary school health check records.
・Developing reusable N95 respirator for prevention of COVID-19 collaborating with Nipro and Daikin



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last updated : 2024/04/22

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