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Research Institute

Department of Cardio Vascular Aging



Director Ippei Shimizu
Laboratory Chief Naofumi Yoshida
Staff Scientist Yung Ting Hsiao
Research Fellow Tin May Aung
Chun-Han Chang
JSPS Research Fellow Agian Jeffilano Barinda
Intern Student Tom Yoshizaki
Ryota Kubo
Research assistant Yuki Shimomura
Tomomi Yamamoto
Junko Kano


<Missions of our lab>
Our mission is to generate new therapies and establish novel therapeutic concepts for cardiovascular diseases. For this aim, we focus on aging, and try to suppress or even reverse unfavorable aspects of this biological process (Nat Med 2009、J Clin Invest 2010、2014、Cell Metab 2012、2013、J Mol Cell Cardiol 2015、2019、Cell Rep 2018、Sci Rep 2019、2021、2021、2022、Nature Aging 2021、iScience 2021、2022、2022).
We define “Senocules” in circulation as molecules that contribute for the acceleration of aging, and these include “Senometabolite” and “Senoprotein”. We are trying to establish the concept “Senocule-induced synchronized aging (sync-aging)”. Recently, we defined two new concepts for diseases; Age-related fibrotic disorders (A-FiD), and Senometabolite Related Disorders (SRDs). With global members, we are now trying to establish next generation therapies for these disorders (Figure).

Keywords of our research; Heart failure, Aging, A-FiD, SRDs


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