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Research Institute

Department of Biostatistics


DirectorKunihiro Nishimura
Staff ScientistKanako Teramoto
Yusuke Yoshikawa

Research Theme

The development of "Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM)"is essential to elucidate cardiovascular diseases and establish methods for their treatment and prevention. This is a concept that seeks to integrate the best evidence, the experience of healthcare professionals, and the values of healthcare recipients in order to achieve better healthcare or diagnosis for patients. To this end, the latest data science approaches are becoming indispensable. The Department of Biostatistics conducts research in statistical science (data science) for this purpose, and aims to accomplish innovative medical care by applying state-of-the-art statistical methods.


  • Dynamic treatment regimen estimation problem applying ideas from statistical causal inference and reinforcement learning
  • Research to develop predictive models of disease progression and treatment efficacy
  • Research on clinical research design for efficient derivation of medical evidence
  • Research on statistical methods for evaluation and decision making in drug and medical device development
  • Research aimed at solving statistical problems related to survival time analysis
  • Research to progress EBM using big dataset such as Diagnosis Procedure Combination dataset or receipt dataset such as National Database of Health Insurance Claims and Specific Health Checkups of Japan
  • Performing statistical consulting in clinical research (especially observational and epidemiological studies)


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