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Research Institute

Department of Artificial Organs



DirectorTomohiro Nishinaka
Visiting DirectorEisuke Tatsumi
Laboratory ChiefTomonori Tsukiya
Toshihide Mizuno
Akihide Umeki
Research fellowTakashi Murakami
Kazuyo Imoto
ResearcherKyoko Shioya
Shusuke Imaoka
Junpei Ueda
Taketo Tanaka
Research assistantHiroka Ogawa
Maki Nakanishi
Airi Shintani



The mission of the Department of Artificial Organs is to contribute to the conquest of cardiovascular diseases through the practical application of medical devices such as ECMO systems and ventricular assist devices (VADs) for the treatment of severe heart failure and respiratory failure. We are conducting medical and engineering research on the development of devices, their effects on patients and optimal control methods.  Currently, several device development projects are underway in collaboration with companies. In addition, we are developing non-clinical test facilities, which are essential for improving the quality of medical treatment using these devices.


Left : Durable Centrifugal Pump for Mechanical Circulatory Support (BIOFLOAT®NCVC®)
Center : Durable ECMO System and Portable ECMO System
Right : Mechanical Mock Circulation System for Bench Testing



Akiyama D, et al. Preclinical biocompatibility study of ultra-compact durable ECMO system in chronic animal experiments for 2 weeks. Journal of Artificial Organs. 2020;23(4):335-341. doi: 10.1007/s10047-020-01180-1.
Shimamura J, et al. Miniaturized centrifugal ventricular assist device for bridge to decision: Preclinical chronic study in a bovine model. Artificial Organs. 2019;43(9):821-827.

last updated : 2023/10/23

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