National Cerebral and Cardiovascular


Open Innovation Center

Promotion of Education・Training Center


DirectorIsao Shiraishi, MD., PhD.
Laboratory ChiefYasuko Takada, BSN.



The Department of Promotion of Education, in conjunction with the Cardiovascular Training Center, provides facilities and systems for education and training in basic medical techniques as well as the operation and management of the latest medical equipment. At the same time, we aim not only to provide medical education but also to propose and develop new medical equipment to improve the quality of medical care for the future.
We will develop new medical treatment and educational tools for cardiovascular diseases, new simulation tools for safer and more reliable surgical and catheter procedures, 3D virtual simulators for the education of young doctors, and tools for explaining pathology and hemodynamics to patients and families.
The small innovations and ideas that you come up with at the bedside could make a significant difference in the future of medicine. We are looking forward to hearing from you.



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