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Preventive Cardiology

In 2002, the Health Promotion Act came into force. Under the Healthy Japan 21 campaign, activities are being conducted nationwide to promote the health of the Japanese population. From FY 2008, special health examinations and health guidance have started with a focus on metabolic syndrome, and health checks for the prevention of cardiovascular disease are now being carried out throughout Japan. The Division of Preventive Cardiology is in the process of establishing its framework as a center for preventive medicine that can speedily meet the needs of the new era. The major clinical services we currently offer are 1) health checks according to the special health check and the long life medical care system, 2) health advice, and 3) smoking cessation clinic. We also conduct a research called the Suita Study with patients who gave their consent as subjects, which provides scientific evidence necessary for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases in Japan.
We will continue to search for new factors in the pathogenesis of cardiovascular diseases and utilize the knowledge in preventing diseases and diffusing information to the rest of Japan.

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