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About NCVC

Administration Department, Hospital and Research Institute combine efforts to combat cardiovascular diseases

National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center Remarkable progress in modern medicine has left an indelible footprint in the field of medical treatment. Nevertheless, morbidity of cardiovascular diseases still remains at a high level, accounting for as much as 27%(2008) of deaths in Japan where the life style is subject to notable change and the aging population is on a steady increase.
The National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center is a sum total of medical achievements in prevention, diagnoses, treatments of the diseases concerned while it spearheads studies on their etiologies and pathogeneses as well as the training of specialists.


Number of patient beds:

ClassificationNumber of bedsNotes
General wards 476
Special wards 136 ICU, CCU, SCU, NCU, Pediatrics, Perinatology and Emergency
Total 612

Total floor area:


Total site area:


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