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Hypertension and Nephrology

Hypertension is a common disease. However, it is the strong risk factor for cardiovascular diseases, so critical diagnosis and treatment are very important. It has recently been recognized that secondary hypertension, such as renovascular hypertension and primary aldosteronism, is fairly common. It is widely recognized that kidneys and hypertension are closely interlinked. Many hypertensive patients have been found to have chronic kidney disease, which  is a strong risk factor for end-stage renal failure as well as various cardiovascular diseases.

In the Division of Hypertension and Nephrology, we provide specialized diagnosis and treatment of hypertension and kidney diseases. The division is subdivided into the Hypertension Group and the Nephrology Group, but we work hand in hand to provide patient care. We cooperate with other departments to provide medical care for patients with heart diseases, cerebrovascular disorders, vascular diseases, and metabolic diseases. We place emphasis on giving guidance and education to patients. Physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and dietitians are involved in team care.

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