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Providing advanced medical care through close collaboration between the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular departments while integrating clinical care and research, we are committed to taking cerebral and cardiovascular disease treatment beyond the cutting edge.

A one-of-a-kind medical research center with a holistic approach to the heart and the brain

Many patients with heart disease are at increased risk for a stroke. Conversely, many stroke patients are at high risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Thus, both types of patients share a number of common, interrelated challenges. Consequently, the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular departments were both created within the NCVC hospital at its inception. Close collaboration between heart and brain experts ensures that patients benefit more and can experience a greater sense of security. With this unparalleled framework that combines two highly specialized fields, the NCVC continues to provide treatment of cerebral and cardiovascular diseases of the highest quality to patients all over the world.

The direct link between the hospital and the research institute continuously produces innovative medical results

The unique fully integrated structure of the NCVC makes it possible to optimize the research enterprise for discovering solutions to issues encountered in clinical practice and to pass those research findings directly on to clinicians. Our goal is to effectively utilize the features common to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular research as well as medical and surgical treatment for these diseases, and to serve as a cutting-edge medical research and treatment facility. A number of bioactive substances discovered at the NCVC have already been in clinical use, and practical application of the world's smallest artificial heart and other medical devices is imminent.

The Research and Development Initiative Center
Facilitating close collaboration between clinical practice and basic research

The Research and Development Initiative Center (RDIC) was established in 2010 to further capitalize on the strengths of the NCVC as a center where clinical practice and research are directly linked. With the aim of fostering multidisciplinary clinical practice and research, the RDIC collaborates with the hospital and research institute to promote clinical research and epidemiological studies, make efficient use of intellectual assets, create a better information infrastructure to plan research projects, prepare a foundation for translational research, and advance collaboration among industry, academia, and government in "open innovation."


A team of specialists at the cutting edge of medical care makes all-out efforts to conquer cerebral and cardiovascular diseases

The NCVC Hospital is one of the innovative medical institutions in the world, providing advanced treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disorders with a sense of safety and security. It is the only national center for advanced and specialized medical care and research in Japan that focuses on cerebral and cardiovascular diseases. Through close collaboration with the NCVC Research Institute and the Research and Development Initiative Center, we are developing new world-class preventive and therapeutic methods.

Research Institute

World-class scientists are engaged in first-rate research in the quest to develop effective cerebral and cardiovascular care for future generations

The most distinctive feature of the NCVC Research Institute is its ability to address the real issues facing clinicians and disseminate research findings back to clinicians. We remain actively committed to the development of the world's smallest artificial VAS in collaboration with the NCVC Hospital as well as the clinical application of newly discovered peptides and various other bioactive substances. The NCVC Research Institute is accelerating its research activities toward the ultimate goal of conquering cerebral and cardiovascular diseases.

Research and Development Initiative Center

Serving as a hub for collaborations between medicine and engineering, as well as industry, academia, and government, the Research and Development Initiative Center will shape the future of medical sciences through integration of research, commercialization, and clinical practice

Japan has great potential for developing cutting-edge medical technologies while the needs envisaged in clinical practice remain unfulfilled. The Research and Development Initiative Center aims to match such potential with corresponding needs. Its open platform makes it possible to offer a one-stop solution covering all phases from fundamental or clinical studies to commercialization by tapping into the outstanding intellectual assets that NCVC has amassed over the years, including a wealth of experience in research and treatment, excellent human resources, and advanced facilities and equipment.


The NCVC Biobank is committed to enhancing research based on a careful assessment of future healthcare needs

The NCVC Biobank was started to preserve and manage blood, tissues, and other biospecimens derived specifically from patients with cardiac and cerebrovascular diseases so that they can be effectively utilized for academic research and drug discovery. Biospecimens and medical datasets are being provided not only to researchers within the NCVC but also to those in and outside of Japan while maintaining patient anonymity.

Center for Cerebral and Cardiovascular Disease Information

We are developing countermeasures against cerebral and cardiovascular diseases in line with actual settings

Cerebral and cardiovascular diseases are common in Japan, accounting for approximately one-third of deaths in the entire population. In addition, these diseases constitute a major cause of an almost 10-year gap between average life expectancy and healthy life expectancy. Moreover, cerebral and cardiovascular diseases account for approximately 20% of national health care expenditures, far more than the 13% spent on cancer in Japan. In order to develop preventive and therapeutic procedures for cerebral and cardiovascular diseases, it is essential to accurately grasp what is really going on with these diseases. The Center for Cerebral and Cardiovascular Disease Information was inaugurated on April 1, 2014 with the objective of collecting national-level data on cerebral and cardiovascular diseases with the following objectives.

Omics Research Center

To accomplish high-quality and reliable medical care in the cardiovascular diseases, we are searching for new drug targets and biomarkers using the multi-omics technologies.

In the last two decades, prominent progress has been made in the therapy of cardiovascular diseases, especially by new drugs and biomarkers such as angiotensin-receptor blockers, statins, beta-blockers and natriuretic peptides. However, there are still a series of pending issues, such as heart failure and atherosclerosis, which shorten the healthy life expectancy in Japan. Recent advances in the omics technologies that extensively analyze structures and concentrations of biomolecules from DNA and RNA to proteins and metabolites, allow us to compare the whole lists of biomolecules between healthy subjects and patients with cardiovascular diseases. Based on the "BIG" data accumulated by the omics analyses, we are analyzing and identifying pathogenetic pathways and progression mechanisms of the cardiovascular diseases, which in turn provide promising drug targets and biomarkers contributing to predictive, preventive and personalized medicine.

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