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Research and Development Initiative Center

Linking Discoveries in Basic Science to Clinical Practice

Naoki Mochizuki
Director General Research and
Development Initiative Center

Having become an independent administrative agency, the Research and Development Initiative Center (RDIC) of the NCVC needs to operate efficiently and effectively as a focus of research in conquering cerebral and cardiovascular diseases, ensuring the endpoint delivery of healthcare policies in the domain. As the NCVC is a facility that combines a hospital and research institute where clinical medicine and basic research meet and fuse in an endeavor to reach common goals, the urgent and essential tasks for the RDIC are: 1. The promotion of clinical research and epidemiological investigations; 2. The utilization of intellectual assets; 3. The provision of excellent information infrastructure and the formation of research proposals; and 4. The creation of a translational research infrastructure that supports the activities listed above.

The RDIC pursues research in these cross-disciplinary areas to constitute the R&D infrastructure for cerebral and cardiovascular diseases. We hope that our research will lead to the formation of a one-stop center for the commercialization of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, multimedia teaching materials and many other products. We have the potential to innovate, not only to contribute to medical public policy and medical research but also to industry and the wider economy. Our success and achievements will reverberate far beyond the scope of our imagination.

Wellness Creation Cycle of Cardiovascular Research

RDIC's Strengths

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