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Department of Vascular Physiology


Director Yoshikazu Nakaoka
Laboratory chiefs Aiji Sakamoto, Makoto Okazawa
Research staff Tomohiko Ishibashi, Tadakatsu Inagaki, Atsushi Nakano
Postdoctoral Fellow Hiroyoshi Mori, Takeshi Masaki

Research objectives

under construction

Research activities

Hunting for Disease-Related Genes: Liaising between Bench and Bedside

It is well known that alteration of gene expression is deeply involved in the initiation and progression of both hereditary and common diseases. Thus identification of the disease-related genes is crucial for targeting and designing a new drug.

We are taking two approaches to execute this commitment. First, we are aiming to discover novel disease-related genes through analysis of animal disease model. Second, we are investigating whether a certain candidate genes are indeed involved in human disease by the use of a sensitive method we have created. Our main research targets are cardiac failure and hypertension.

Our approach liaising the basic with clinical biomedical research is one of a kind, in a class by ourselves.

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