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Department of Cell Biology


Director Naoki Mochizuki
Laboratory chief Hiroyuki Nakajima
Staff scientist Keisuke Sako, Haruko Takano, Hajime Fukui, Ayano Chiba
Postdoctoral fellow Hiroyuki Ishikawa, Moe Fukumoto, Nanami Morooka

Research Focus - Understanding the Development of Circulatory System

We have tried to understand the molecular mechanisms by which cardiovascular system (circulation) is established in zebrafish embryos. Circulation is essential system that precedes other organ development to deliver appropriate oxygen and nutrition. We believe that genetic control for establishment of circulation is conserved in the vertebrates. Therefore, by understanding the mechanism, we investigate the general mechanism for rebuild the circulation including angiogenesis and cardiogenesis. Our basic methods are simultaneous visualization of signal transduction and organ development.

  • Unique approach using zebrafish
  • Collaboration with pharmaceutical companies by providing many transgenic fish lines that enable us to monitor cardiovascular development
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