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James Pearson

Name James Pearson, Ph.D.
Department Name,
Job Title
Director Department of Cardiac Physiology
Tel +81-6-6833-5004 (ext.2350)
Fax +81-6-6835-5416
E-Mail jpearson@ncvc.go.jp
Research Field Cardiac Physiology, Cardiovascular Physiology, Diabetes, Hypertension, X-ray and Synchrotron Imaging, Respiration and Metabolism
Research Result
  1. Schwenke, D.O., J.T. Pearson, T. Sonobe, H. Ishibashi-Ueda, A. Shimouchi, K. Kangawa, K. Umetani and M. Shirai. Role of rho-kinase signaling and endothelial dysfunction in modulating blood flow distribution in pulmonary hypertension. Journal of Applied Physiology 110:901-908, 2011.
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Award Foreign Young Investigator Award, International Union of Physiological Sciences, Kyoto 2009
Academic Degree PhD, Physiology
Academic Society Affiliation American Physiological Society, High Blood Pressure Research Council of Australia, Physiological Society of Japan
Educational Activity Formerly, Lecturers at Monash University, Department of Physiology
Researcher Information ResearcherID
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