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Department of Cardiovascular Dynamics


Director Masaru Sugimachi
Laboratory chief Toru Kawada, Kazunori Uemura
Staff scientist Meihua Li
Postdoctoral fellow Masashi Inagaki, Can Zheng, Yosuke Hayama, Takuya Nishikawa

Research Focus - Clinically-oriented understanding of and intervention in hemodynamics

We have been providing clinically applicable understanding of hemodynamics and of its regulation. For this purpose, we have quantified cardiovascular element properties, have quantified cardiovascular regulation system, and have developed devices to artificially intervene in these. This would lead to the advancement of clinical practice, and to the realization of precision medicine based on hemodynamic measurements. We are also devoted to evaluation of newly developed medical devices using precise physiological measurements (collaboration with various companies).

  • Bionic cardiology: artificial intervention in cardiovascular regulation system by devices and drugs to treat various cardiovascular diseases
  • Automatic quantitative interpretation of pathophysiology (diagnosis) and automatic selection and dose titration of multiple drugs (treatment) in acute heart failure
  • Evaluation of medical device by precise measurements under various hemodynamic conditions
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