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About the Research Institute

Director General:
Naoki Mochizuki

Our Research Institute was founded in 1977 in parallel with the NCVC Hospital. The aim of this Institute is to perform the highest-level basic and applied researches on cardiovascular diseases in collaboration with not only the NCVC Hospital, but also all other National Hospitals and medical facilities. Despite our achievements and efforts over more than two decades, the mortality due to cardiovascular diseases in Japan still remains high at 30%, comparable to that of cancer. Continued research efforts must be made to conquer all kinds of cardiovascular diseases.

To fulfill this role effectively, we primarily focus our research on:

  1. Comprehensive elucidation of the mechanisms/etiologies of cardiovascular diseases using molecular and genomic techniques and development of their medical applications.
  2. Elucidation of new risk factors and environmental factors in cardiovascular diseases.
  3. Establishment of organ/tissue transplantation for cardiovascular diseases.
  4. Establishment of rapid and effective functional imaging techniques.
  5. Development of preservation techniques effective for stroke and heart attacks.
  6. Establishment of therapeutic strategy for the acute phase of stroke and heart attacks.
  7. Establishment of artificial organs and tissues for cardiovascular diseases.
  8. Establishment of tissue engineering for regenerative and reconstructive medicine.

In addition to these strategic researches, we are engaged in national-level timely researches such as Millennium Genome (single nucleotide polymorphism research related to cardiovascular diseases), Medical Frontier (proteomics, bionics, and functional imaging), Nanomedicine (nanoimaging, nanobionics, nanodevices, and nano-drug-delivery system), and Clinical Physiomics (implantable intelligent devices) Research Projects over recent years.

Our Research Institute contains 98 full research staff (including 14 directors and 80 laboratory chiefs and staff members), nearly 80 postdoctoral fellows of all kinds (including 15 from overseas), and about 60 technicians. The annual research budget for the Institute amounts to 2.5 billion JPY (equivalent to 20 million USD), though varying per annum basis.

We are publishing nearly 800 scientific papers annually, of which English-language ones count for about 250-300, including many published in highly renowned journals with impact factors above 5.

In 2004, our Institute established the Advanced Medical Engineering Center to develop various medical technologies, materials, devices, equipment, and systems to conquer cardiovascular diseases at a high throughput rate. The five research departments as shown below were brought together from the original departments to accelerate the clinical implementation of engineering developments and translational research outputs through the industry-academia-government collaborations.

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