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The Center's Mission

The NCVC is the only national center in Japan that provides advanced and specialized medical care and conducts research focusing on the cardiovascular system.

From prevention to rehabilitation: extending healthy life expectancy

In addition to striving towards reducing the number of deaths from myocardial infarction and stroke, the NCVC takes an integrated approach toward extending healthy life expectancy, which encompasses prevention and early diagnosis of cerebral and cardiovascular diseases, hyperacute care after the onset of disease, and recovery from sequelae through appropriate rehabilitation The NCVC is confidently moving ahead with the knowledge that its work continues to make significant contributions to society, even 20 or 30 years from now.

Creating a community healthcare model and disseminating information

Many cerebral and cardiovascular diseases involve the critical challenge of "fighting against time." The key to future success is the establishment of innovative therapies, including hyperacute care and a community healthcare model. To this end, the NCVC works closely with its host community to collect all relevant data. To create a safe and secure urban healthcare infrastructure, the NCVC has been conducting follow-up studies with urban residents (Suita Cohort Study), training students in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) at schools, and promoting inter-hospital collaboration. The results of such initiatives are shared worldwide.

Educating leaders in recent advances in cerebral and cardiovascular disease treatment

Engaged in cutting-edge medical practices, the NCVC knows intimately the challenges that confront medical professionals on a daily basis. With a world-class research institute addressing such challenges as an integral part of the institution, the NCVC has been devoted to training residents for more than 30 years. In this outstanding environment, the NCVC trains physicians who can take on these challenges and assume leadership positions that drive future advances in the treatment of cerebral and cardiovascular diseases.

The Center's Objectives

As a national center for advanced and specialized medical care and research, we strive to understand and control cerebral and cardiovascular diseases in order to contribute to human health and well-being.

Principles of the NCVC

  • We provide a model medical care as well as pioneering medical care for cerebral and cardiovascular diseases.
  • We provide safe, high-quality medical care guided by highly transparent, ethical principles.
  • We conduct world-leading research on cerebral and cardiovascular diseases through the close collaboration between the hospital and the research institute.
  • We nurture the next generation of experts and leaders in the treatment of cerebral and cardiovascular diseases.
  • We create a working environment in which all staff can perform with a high degree of passion, professionalism, and pride.
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