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History of the NCVC

Until the opening of the National Cardiovascular Center

January, 1966 Cardiovascular Disease Research Liaison Committee in the 7th Division of the Science Council of Japan submitted a request to the Ministry of Health and Welfare for the establishment of a cardiovascular center.
October, 1966 The Japanese Circulation Society submitted a written request for the establishment of the National Cardiovascular Center to the Science Council of Japan. The Science Council of Japan accepted it and decided to with the Ministry of Health and Welfare for the establishment of the Center.
August, 1968 to March, 1969 Preliminary meetings were held three times to evaluate the possibility of the project.
July, 1969 to March, 1970 To deliberate basic planning, the preliminary committee and subcommittee in charge of organization, equipment and architecture were organized, and meetings were held seven times.
December, 1971 Consultation and fundamental agreement were effected with the Governor of Osaka Prefecture to lease the prefecture-owned land ( in Senri New Town).
July, 1972 Basic plan for the construction of the National Cardiovascular Center was made.
December, 1972 In the National Hospital Division of the Medical Affairs Bureau of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, a section was organized for the preparation of the establishment of the National Cardiovascular Center.
December, 1972 to June, 1973 The Committee for the establishment of the National Cardiovascular Center held meetings three times to discuss the basic plan.
June, 1973 The design for the construction of hospital and administrative section was completed.
July, 1973 The final committee for the establishment of the National Cardiovascular Center was organized and detailed planning was discussed by the Hospital Special Committee and Institute Special Committee.
December, 1973 A contract was signed with the Governor of Osaka Prefecture for the land to be used.
March, 1974 Construction of the hospital and administrative building started.
April, 1976 A section for the preparation of the opening of the National Cardiovascular Center was organized.
March, 1977 Construction of Research Institute started.
May, 1977 Construction of the Hospital and annex for administrative section was completed. The Ministry of Health and Welfare Establishment law was partially revised for the establishment of the Center.
June, 1977 Appointments of the president, Dr. Tsuneo Yosida, and other staff personnels were promulgated.
July, 1977 The inauguration ceremony of the center was held in the presence of Prince and Princess Hitachinomiya.

The first 10 years

August,1977 The Hospital and the Research Institute went into action. Three general wards and Intensive Care Unit (ICU) opened.
September, 1977 The prime minister Fukuda inspected the Center.
October, 1977 Coronary Care Unit (CCU) opened.
April, 1978 Residency system began.
May, 1978 Six general wards and special wards (infants'ward, SCU) opened.
February, 1979 Construction of the Research Institute started. Medical cooperation with People's Republic of Bangladesh began as Cardiovascular Diseases Control Project in the People's Republic of Bangladesh.
May, 1979 Additional two general wards and a special ward (NCU) opened.
February, 1980 Construction of the library started.
April, 1980 A general ward opened.
March, 1981 Construction of the library was completed.
January, 1982 A special ward of prenatal care opened.
August, 1983 The first president, Dr. Tsuneo Yosida, resigned. Dr. Hisao Manabe was installed as the second president.
November, 1983 Director-General of WHO, Dr. Mahler, inspected the Center.
October, 1984 The Department of Structural Analysis was established in the Research Institute.
February, 1986 The National Cardiovascular Center was designated as a WHO Collaborating Center.
June, 1986 Construction of the annex to the Research Institute was completed.
May, 1987 Division of Pharmacy was established in the Hospital.
June, 1987 Installation of constant voltage and constant frequency equipment was completed.
October, 1987 The Department of Bioscience was established in the Research Institute.
November, 1987 The 10th anniversary was celebrated.

The next 10 years

March, 1988 Construction of radioisotope ward started.
December, 1989 Construction of rehabilitation ward started.
March, 1990 Construction of radioisotope ward was completed. The second president, Dr. Hisao Manabe, resigned.
April, 1990 Dr. Teruo Omae was installed as the third president.
March, 1992 Construction of rehabilitation ward was completed.
September, 1993 The National Cardiovascular Center was approved as a specially functioned hospital.
March, 1995 The third president, Dr. Teruo Omae, resigned.
April, 1995 Dr. Yasuo Kawashima was installed as the fourth president.
March, 1996 The system of JUN Net was established.
September, 1996 The fourth president, Dr. Yasuo Kawashima, resigned.
October, 1996 Dr. Haruhiko Kikuchi was installed as the fifth president.
October, 1997 The heart transplant countermeasure room was established.
November, 1997 The center foundation the 20th anniversary commemoration ceremony.
July, 1998 The internal organs offer countermeasure room was established.
October, 1998 The practical use start of G7 image reference center.
March, 1999 The division of clinical trial management was established.
March, 2000 Construction of biotechnology ward was completed.
June, 2000 The fifth president, Dr. Haruhiko Kikuchi, resigned.
July, 2000 Dr. Takenori Yamaguchi was installed as the sixth president.
March, 2001 The sixth president, Dr. Takenori Yamaguchi, resigned.
April, 2001 Dr. Soichiro Kitamura was installed as the seventh president.
March, 2008 The seventh president, Dr. Soichiro Kitamura, resigned.
April, 2008 Dr. Nobuo Hashimoto was installed as the eighth president.

After an independent administrative agency shift.

April, 2010 Shifted to the independent administrative agency.
The first chief director Nobuo Hashimoto assumption of office.
Research and development initiative center establishment.
June, 2010 Hospital usability test authorization by Japan Council for Quality Health Care Foundation.
July, 2010 Clean room for infant transplantation completed
October, 2010 New Cardiovascular Care Unit (CCU) opened
January, 2011 Hybrid operation room system introduced
July, 2011 The NCVC was designated as an Early and Exploratory Clinical Trials Facility
August, 2011 A childcare facility was established
October, 2011 Medical care cluster ward opened
November, 2011 BioBank established
January, 2012 Electronic medical record system introduced
May, 2012 "Doctor Car" ambulance system introduced
December, 2012 NCVC's Healthy Low-salt Cookbook published
June, 2013 Relocation to former Suita Marshalling Yard site announced
December, 2013 NCVC's Healthy Low-salt Cookbook, Volume II published
March, 2014 Handover of relocation site completed
April, 2014 Center for Cerebral and Cardiovascular Disease Information opened
May, 2014 Medical Care Cluster Formation Council established

After a National Research and Development Agency shift

April, 2015 Shifted to the National Research and Development Agency.
January, 2016 The first President, Dr. Nobuo Hashimoto, resigned.
February, 2016 Dr. Hisao Ogawa was installed as the second President.
March, 2017 NCVC's Healthy Low-Salt Cookbook, Volume 3 published.
August, 2017 The 40th anniversary was celebrated.
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