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Open Innovation Center

Department of Industrial-Academic Collaboration


DirectorShigehiro Asano
Office HeadEiki Akagawa
Koichiro Ootou
Kenji Tomihata
Staff SpecialistYasutaka Harada
Hiromi Hatanaka
Yoshinori Takemoto
Naoki Sano
Staff Senior ScientistDaisuke Takeshita
Sayuri Takemoto
Chief StaffMiseon Kim
Natsuki Shimozu
StaffDaiki Funamoto
Nobuyuki Nagao
Tomoko Nakasumi
Manami Nishihara
Kaoru Sato
Naoko Takahashi
Sachie Watanabe
Satomi Watanabe
Hidetomo Yoshizawa


Collaboration with companies, universities, and medical institutions is essential for the realization and diffusion of innovative medical technologies. By further development of technology seeds based on clinical needs directly linked to the advanced medicine, the Department of Industrial-Academic Collaboration aims to create the next generation of medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare businesses.

  • The solution scheme of clinical needs, and results from studies, are properly protected as intellectual properties
  • The results of industry-academic collaboration are appropriately returned to society as new medical care/ healthcare that contribute to the study and cure of cardiovascular disea

last updated:2022/03/01

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