National Cerebral and Cardiovascular


Open Innovation Center

Center for Cerebral and Cardiovascular Disease Information


Director Yoshihiro Miyamoto
Laboratory chief Yoko M. Nakao, Michikazu Nakai
Senior data manager Yoko Sumita, Yusuke Sasahara
Postdoctoral fellow Hisataka Anezaki

Research Focus - We aim to develop clarification of Cerebral and cardiovascular diseases in a real-life setting

Our objectives and current researches are as follows: 1) To identify the cause of morbidity and other outcomes by collecting the data related to cardiovascular diseases throughout Japan using exceptional data of real-world, 2) to formulate the detailed dataset by enhancing the in-hospital registration system, 3) to provide the research environment for analyzing the nationwide dataset and give those results back to people, and 4) to investigate common risk factors and solution of both stroke and cardiovascular diseases by aggregating the nationwide dataset/

  • Exceptional Data of Real-world: Nationwide survey, claim data such as DPC (Diagnosis Procedure Combination)
  • Dense Data for Rare or Refractory Diseases: Registry by electronic data capture (EDC)

last updated:2021/09/27

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