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Department of Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering

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Director Mariko Shiba
Laboratory chief Hiroshi Hosoda
Research staff Kentaro Otani
Postdoctoral fellows Ayako Inatomi, Yumi Yamamoto
Visiting Researcher Masahiro Tsuji, Shinji Katsuragi, Masayuki Endo
Research Fellow Takekazu Miyoshi, Emi Tanaka, Takaomi Hagi
Researcher Satoshi Saito, Akihiro Fujiwara, Ayumi Koga
Research Assistant Natsuki Hanada, Ritsuko Maki, Yuko Kiyama, Tomona Yamaji

Research activities

Our department aims to develop cell-based therapies for patients with cardiovascular/cerebrovascular diseases. Using various types of stem cells, such as umbilical cord-derived hematopoietic stem cells and mesenchymal stem cells, we are conducting preclinical as well as clinical studies; e.g. autologous cord blood cell therapy for neonatal encephalopathy (NIH ClinicalTrials.gov: NCT02256618). Not confined to the cell therapies, we have been investigating mechanisms and potential therapies, such as peptide hormone and vasoactive drugs, for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, including vascular dementia. iPS cells from patients with a hereditary vascular dementia are being used to aim for breakthrough innovation.

  1. Development of noninvasive stem cell tracking using reporter gene imaging (Dr. Otani)
  2. Development of clinically translatable ultrasound molecular imaging (Dr. Otani)
  3. Clarification of the mechanisms underlying the protective role of endogenous natriuretic peptides signaling on the maternal heart during the lactation period. (Dr. Otani)
  4. Preclinical study of cell-based therapies for neonatal brain damage (Drs. Tsuji, Ogawa, Ohshima, Tanaka)
  5. Clinical study of umbilical cord blood cells for neonatal brain damage (Dr. Tsuji)
  6. Mechanisms of neonatal brain damage (Drs. Tsuji, Ogawa)
  7. A novel model of prenatal brain injury (Drs. Tsuji, Ohshima, Otani)
  8. Pharmacological therapy for cognitive dysfunction in children with Down syndrome (Drs. Tsuji, Ihara, Saito, Yamamoto, Nakaoku)
  9. Generation of animal models of sporadic vascular dementia (Drs. Ihara, Hattori, Saito, Yamamoto)
  10. Research on the pathogenesis of hereditary vascular dementia CADASIL and CARASIL (Drs. Ihara, Yamamoto, Saito)
  11. Vascular factors in Alzheimer's disease (Drs. Ihara, Nakaoku, Saito)
  12. Exploration of novel treatment of cerebrovascular disorders (Drs. Ihara, Tsuji, Saito, Yamamoto)
  13. A study to establish an algorithm for predicting recovery after stroke (Drs. Ihara, Takahashi)
  14. Research on etiology of stroke (especially cerebral hemorrhage) (Drs. Ihara, Tonomura, Saito)
  15. Development of PET/SPECT tracers for Alzheimer's disease (Dr. Ihara)
  16. Ongoing other projects (Dr. Ihara)


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