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Shin Inada

Name Shin Inada
Department Name,
Job Title
Laboratory of Biomedical Sciences and Information Management, Research Fellow
Tel +81-6-6833-5004 ext.2387
Fax +81-6-6835-5356
E-Mail s.inada@ri.ncvc.go.jp
Research Field Computer Sciences, Electrophysiology
Research Result
  • Greener ID, Monfredi O, Inada S, Chandler NJ, Tellez JO, Atkinson A, Taube MA, Billeter R, Anderson RH, Efimov IR, Molenaar P, Sigg DC, Sharma V, Boyett MR, Dobrzynski H: Molecular architecture of the human specialized atrioventricular conduction axis. J Mol Cell Cardiol, Vol. 50, pp. 642-651, 2011.
  • Butters TD, Aslanidi OV, Inada S, Boyett MR, Hancox JC, Lei M, Zhang H: Mechanistic links between Na+ channel (SCN5A) mutations and impaired cardiac pacemaking in sick sinus syndrome. Circ Res, Vol.107, No.1, pp.126-137, 2010.
  • Inada S, Hancox JC, Zhang H, Boyett MR: One-dimensional mathematical model of the atrioventricular node including atrio-nodal, nodal and nodal-His cells. Biophys J, Vol.97, No.8, pp.2117-2117, 2009.
  • Chandler NJ, Greener ID, Tellez JO, Inada S, Musa H, Molenaar P, DiFrancesco D, Baruscotti M, Longhi R, Anderson RH, Billter R, Sharma V, Sigg DC, Boyett MR, Dobrzynski H: Molecular architecture of the human sinus node. Circulation, Vol.119, No.12, pp.1562-1575, 2009.
  • Li J, Greener ID, Inada S, Nikolski VP, Yamamoto M, Hancox JC, Zhang H, Billeter R, Efimov IR, Dobrzynski H, Boyett MR: Computer three-dimensional reconstruction of the atrioventricular node. Circ Res, Vol.102, No.8, pp.975-985, 2008.
  • Kharche S, Garratt CJ, Boyett MR, Inada S, Holden AV, Hancox JC, Zhang H: Atrial proarrhythmia due to increased inward rectifier current (IK1) arising from KCNJ2 mutation - A simulation study. Prog Biophys Mol Biol, Vol.98, No.2-3, pp.975-985, 2008.
  • Boyett MR, Li J, Inada S, Dobrzynski H, Schneider JE, Holden AV, Zhang H: Imaging the heart: computer 3-dimensional anatomic models of the heart. J Electrocardiol, Vol.38, No.4 Suppl, pp.113-120, 2005.
  • Honjo H, Inada S, Lancaster MK, Yamamoto M, Niwa R, Jones SA, Shibata N, Mitsui K, Horiuchi T, Kamiya K, Kodama I, Boyett MR: Sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca2+ release is not a dominating factor in sinoatrial node pacemaker activity. Circ Res, Vol.92, No.3, pp.e41-44, 2003.
  • Honjo H, Boyett MR, Niwa R, Inada S, Yamamoto M, Mitsui K, Horiuchi T, Shibata N, Kamiya K, Kodama I: Pacing-induced spontaneous activity in myocardial sleeves of pulmonary veins after treatment with ryanodine. Circulation, Vol.107, No.14, pp.1937-1943, 2003.
  • Inada S, Mitsui K, Shibata N, Honjo H, Kodama I: Development of an extracellular potential mapping system using a modified bipolar electrode. Trans Jpn Soc Med Biol Eng, Vol.40, No.3, pp.165-177, 2002.
  • Shibata N, Inada S, Mitsui K, Honjo H, Yamamto M, Niwa R, Boyett MR, Kodama I: Pacemaker shift in the rabbit sinoatrial node in response to vagal nerve stimulation. Exp Physiol, Vol.86, No.2, pp.177-184, 2001.
Academic Award Received
  • Sakamoto Award, Japanese Society for Medical and Biological Engineering, Japan (2004)
  • Hatakeyama Award, the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers, Japan (1997)
Academic Degree Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering
Academic Society Affiliation The Japanese Society of Electrocardiology (JSE)
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