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Laboratory of Occupational Safety and Health


Laboratory Chief Yukihisa Miyachi
Administrative Assistant Takako Kotani

Supporting activities

This laboratory was established to support the development of new technology carried out in research institute. It is mainly administrating the RI facilities. According to the law, we train the users for acquirement of the safe techniques annually and administrate RI materials under severe control. Our RI facilities are only available for registered users.

Research activities

Ionizing radiation is ubiquitous, and the earth and everything in it are radioactive. In contrast to the well-documented cytotoxic effects of exposure to high levels of radiation, data are accumulating which demonstrate the up-regulating effects of exposure to extremely low doses on various cellular processes. The purpose of our study is to investigate the effects of low doses of radiation on model of fetus development in order to discover any physiological effects which occurs at low doses and which cannot be anticipated by extrapolating from the toxic effects noted at high doses.

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