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Laboratory of Animal Experiment and Medicine Management


Laboratory chief Kyoko Shioya
Staff Scientist Yoshie Isomoto

Laboratory Animal Unit

Animal experiments are indispensable for the advancement of medical science. LAU order animals with conditions that meet experimenters' needs. And we care animals that are used for various experiments in this institute, paying particular attention to their health from a veterinary scientific point of view. We review plans for animal experiments from experimenters and check the conditions for experiments and animal housing at the Committee for Laboratory animals so that the experiments are to be carried out scientifically and humanely, following the"guide to animal experiments". We collect various information regarding experimental animals and offer these important data and information to experimenters in order to support research in the institute through our daily activity.

Service providing care and management of experimental animals

Service includes the following: Inspection, quarantine, observation, feeding, watering, washing animal cages, cleaning and disinfection of animal rooms, transfer of large animals such as goat, sheep, and calf from their rooms to the operation room; Information to the experimenter if his or her animal's condition becomes abnormal; Assistance to restraint and anesthesia for violent animal; and rabie vaccination and registration of dogs, and microbiological tests of monitor animals in mouse and rat rooms.

Service of information and technique concerning laboratory animals.

Head of LAU regularly attends the Congress of Japanese Association for Laboratory Animal Science and Kansai Animal Research Association for the information about the latest advancement in the field. He provides regular guidance to other 6 staffs (experimental animal technologists) working in LAU In the office of LAU, technical books and journals on laboratory animal science as well as consultation concerning the animal experiments are available to researchers.

Laboratory Animal Facility

The facility comprises 13 rooms for animals and washing rooms on the 7th floor, and quarantine rooms on the 1st floor of the Research Institute, pre-post operation room in the 4th floor of the Extension Building. The facility accommodates the following numbers of animal: Dog(82), Beagle(24), Cat(72), Goat,Sheep,Calf(11), Pig(4), Monkey(24), Rabbit(204), Guinea pig(60), Rat(1,026), Mouse(3,600), Hamster(344), Mongolian gerbil(1,600), Chicken(14).

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