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Senior Researcher, Department of Cardiovascular Dynamics

Open Positions

One (1) senior researcher, Department of Cardiovascular Dynamics

Employment Details

The Department of Cardiovascular Dynamics is developing new treatments for all types of cardiovascular diseases through regulatory interventions of the circulatory system. In addition to elucidating the pathogenesis of disease, accurate evaluation of the regulatory mechanisms of the circulatory system and hemodynamics using animal models is necessary to develop new therapies. Moreover, long-term animal studies on the effects of these treatments are required. In some cases, the development and construction of animal models to be used for such studies are also required. In order to achieve these goals, the senior researcher should be familiar with creating a rat model of heart failure and long-term studies using aseptic techniques, hemodynamic measurements, and histological evaluations.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Must have a PhD or equivalent research experience
  2. Must have research experience evaluating circulatory system regulation and hemodynamics using rats (or a similar animal)
  3. Must be able to oversee long-term experiments, such as long-term evaluation of treatment effects, using aseptic surgical techniques in rats (or a similar animal) or a proven track record of successfully creating small animal models of serious heart failure through techniques such as coronary occlusion
  4. Must be able to collaborate and ambitiously approach research from new perspectives, with the goal of furthering our understanding of cardiovascular diseases

Employment Start Date

April 1, 2019 (expected; term of office is three [3] years from start date)

Application Documents

  1. Curriculum vitae (attached separately)
  2. Academic achievement list (attached separately)
    Clearly distinguish between original articles, case reports, review articles, and books by year.
    Limit conference presentations to special or invited lectures, and symposia presentations.
    Choose five (5) original articles and attach one (1) reprint and five (5) copies of each publication.
  3. Research initiative related to employment details (about 600 words)
  4. Copy of university diploma (Bachelor, Master, PhD)
  5. Copy of medical license (if applicable)
  6. Letter of recommendation (one [1])

Diversity Promotion

Women will be prioritized if the qualifications (employment history, research achievements, personality) are deemed equal.


Masaru Sugimachi, Director of Cardiovascular Dynamics
National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center
TEL 06-6833-5012

Application Deadline and Submission Address

Received no later than February 8, 2019 (Friday).
Please write "Application for senior researcher, Department of Cardiovascular Dynamics" on the envelope.

Application materials [docx: 48KB]

[Submission address]
National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center, Human Resources Division
5-7-1 Fujishiro-dai, Suita, Osaka 565-8565, JAPAN

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