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Researcher (part-time), Department of Cardiovascular Dynamics

Open Positions

One (1) Researcher (part-time), Department of Cardiovascular Dynamics

Employment Start Date

April 1, 2019 (Term of office is one (1) year from start date; renewals are possible based on performance)

Employment Details

  1. Over 15 years of research experience and the ability to conduct research at the same level as a PhD graduate
  2. Research experience in and knowledge about vagus nerve stimulation therapy in myocardial infarct-size reduction after reperfusion
  3. Ability to advance medical device development through short- and long-term aseptic surgical experiments using mid- to large-sized animals

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Development of a vagus nerve stimulation device for myocardial infarct-size reduction to be used in animal experiments
  2. Assist with finalizing the specifications for a vagus nerve stimulation device for myocardial infarct-size reduction
  3. Treatment preparation using a vagus nerve stimulation device for myocardial infarct-size reduction

Application Documents

  1. Curriculum vitae (attached separately)
  2. Employment history (use specified form; separate from CV)
  3. List of achievements
  4. Copy of university diploma (PhD; if applicable)
  5. Copy of degree (other than PhD; if applicable), copy of medical license (if applicable)
  6. Research summary and future plans for research (about 1,000 words each)

Screening Method

Applicants will be screened based on submitted documents as well as an interview/presentation.

Screening Date

Applicants will be informed separately.

Diversity Promotion

Women will be prioritized if the qualifications (employment history, research achievements, personality) are deemed equal.

Employment terms

One (1) day per week
*Wednesday 9:00 to 17:45 (7h45m) with 60-minute break


Hourly wage: 2,536 yen (subject to change in accordance with experience and education)
Transportation/commuting allowance (to be paid in accordance with the regulations of the National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center; commuting by car is not covered)
Payments are made the following month based on performance from the previous month.


One (1) day is added annually after six (6) months of employment

Health insurance and other benefits

No employment insurance and social insurance; welfare pension not applicable

Application Method

Received no later than March 15, 2019 (Friday).
Please write "Application for part time researcher, Department of Cardiovascular Dynamics" on the envelope.
*The recruiter may decide to close the application period earlier than the date noted above. (Application will close when the applicant has been selected)

Application materials [docx: 48KB]

[Submission address]
National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center, Human Resources Division
5-7-1 Fujishiro-dai, Suita, Osaka 565-8565, JAPAN

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