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In the Department of Transplantation, we treat patients with serious heart failure that is difficult to handle with conventional therapy. Considering the indication of heart transplantation, we provide patients with various treatments, including inotropic drugs and other cardio-vasoactive agents, recovery of the patient's own heart function with left ventricular assist system (LVAS) including an implantable type, bridge therapy to heart transplantation, and heart transplantation, in the Serious Heart Failure/Transplantation Ward in cooperation with other departments of the Hospital such as Cardiovascular Medicine and Cardiovascular Surgery. We have so far performed more than 160 cases of LVAS application. In 11 patients with dilated cardiomyopathy, recovery of the patient's own heart function was confirmed and LVAS was removed. Furthermore, we have performed 36 cases of heart transplantation. The longest survivor has lived in good condition for more than 12 years since the operation. We also offer home treatment using implantable LVAS.
We set up a tissue bank and are in charge of tissue transplantation using cardiac valve/vessel homograft. In order to promote the establishment of tissue transplantation, we set up the West Japan Tissue Transplantation Network in conjunction with other tissue banks.

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