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Cerebrovascular Medicine and Neurology

The frequency of Japanese people suffering from stroke (cerebrovascular disorder) is high compared to that in other countries. It is the third most common cause of death, comprising the fourth largest share of the government's total healthcare fee expenditure and the topmost in healthcare fees for the elderly. The baby-boom generation has now reached the age most susceptible to stroke. It is expected that the number of patients with stroke will continue to rise. Stroke is a huge challenge that needs to be addressed by the aging Japanese society.

The majority of patients with stroke require specialized medical treatment. However, stroke has long been considered an incurable disease and satisfactory treatment had not been delivered. Our division was established in 1977, spearheading the rest of Japan. The following year (1978) saw the start of intensive acute-phase medical treatment in the Stroke Care Unit (SCU). The NCVC has played a core part in Japan in establishing various acute-phase medical treatments including intravenous tPA therapy and diagnostic methods of cerebrovascular disorders such as ultrasonography and various imaging tests. With the more recent spread of intravenous tPA therapy and SCU throughout Japan, stroke has come to be considered a curable disease. We take a leading role both in Japan and overseas in the treatment of stroke. We serve as the core acute-phase hospital in the district while being "the center of centers" for the whole country. Dedication to the conquest of stroke drives forward our daily therapeutic activities.

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