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Vascular Surgery

In the Division of Vascular Surgery, we are in charge of surgical treatment of vascular diseases, chiefly of the large arteries (including intravascular treatment such as stentgraft implantation) - specifically, artificial blood vessel replacement or stentgraft implantation for aortic aneurysm or aortic dissection from the aortic root to the abdominal aorta, revascularization of peripheral blood vessels such as visceral arteries and limb arteries, and surgical treatment of pulmonary artery thromboembolism. More than 3,000 operations of thoracic aorta and more than 2,000 operations of abdominal aorta have been performed since the opening of the Center in 1978. These figures are unparalleled in Japan and are also outstanding in the international context. Collaborating with specialist physicians in vascular medicine and radiology, we systematically perform diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up after surgery. This ideal system of collaboration is unique in Japan. Not to mention routine exchange of information in the wards, members of the three departments are engaged in constant discussion on all aspects of patient care from diagnosis and treatment in the vascular conference held every Tuesday, so that they can make an accurate diagnosis and offer an optimal treatment.

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