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Vascular Diseases

The aging of the Japanese population is progressing at a greater speed than anticipated. The proportion of elderly population (aged 65 or over as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO)) is already more than 20% of the total population (22.75% according to the 2009 statistical survey conducted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications). With greater aging of the population, we can readily foresee that the three most common causes of death in Japan - malignant neoplasm, heart diseases, and cerebrovascular diseases (heart diseases and cerebrovascular diseases together are referred to as cardiovascular diseases) - are going to rise in morbidity and that the diseases will appear in combination. In fact, the typical situation for the elderly is simultaneous and multiple expression or widespread presence of cardiovascular diseases arising from arteriosclerosis (i.e., cerebrovascular disorders, coronary diseases, peripheral arterial diseases, and aortic aneurysm). We believe that it is more pathophysiologically appropriate to refer to "vascular disease" rather than "heart disease." The mission of NCVC is "investigation and conquest of cardiovascular diseases". To fulfill this mission, we provide all-round cross-disciplinary care for patients in light of "systemic vascular diseases".

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