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Cardiovascular Care Unit

The Cardiovascular Care Unit is a division that provides diagnosis and treatment for the following acute cardiac and vascular disorders: acute myocardial infarction, unstable angina, and other ischemic heart diseases; acute heart failure; severe circulatory and respiratory failure; severe arrhythmia; and acute aortic disorder. We make the best use of circulatory and respiratory management with assisted circulation system (IABP, PCPS) and non-invasive positive pressure ventilation (NPPV), as well as coronary artery catheterization, to treat patients with cardiogenic shock caused by ischemic heart diseases and patients with severe heart failure. The unit operates around the clock to administer emergency treatment for cardiovascular diseases. Since April 1, 2010, we have been working in shifts so as to provide high-quality 24-hour medical care. Above all, we constantly strive to work "for the patients."

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